Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Google is showing off

If you use today google in the USA or UK and you are not using the safari browser, you will see a funny google dot logo which is floating around when you shake the browser ( move your browser window around by clicking in browser bar and then move the mouse) or if you go with your mouse close to the logo, like two magnets with same charge.

A lot of people are guessing if this logo related to google birthday. Usually Google does change their logo for certain holidays.

I don't know, but I know that google is showing off how JavaScript, jquery and some HTML5 can be used to do something cool (not on Safari there it is the normal logo)

I love this, it tells us we don't need flash to build motions. And really cool is that it works just fine on IE 8. On google chrome it looks even much more impressive, almost like 3D, same at Firefox, the dots are getting bigger to give this effect.

Well done google. I usually use bing and I did not know about it, if my coworker would not have told me.

BTW there is so much discussion about this logo going on, that when you google for "google dot logo", you will find 248 news and over 4 million search results about this topic.

And for Tuesday September 7th, number 12 in top search results was google logo.
Unbelievable how much impact such small change can have.

I am just wondering why this logo is not showing on Safari, is this a sign?

Safari is displaying the google dots as well if you have the latest safari version on Mac or Windows. But does not work with iPad or older Safari versions on Windows.

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  1. The logo is working fine for me in Safari on PC. Only browser that it didn't seem work in was Opera.