Monday, September 13, 2010

Flash somehow coming back to iPhone and iPad

Apple did change their iOs third party developer guidelines. Still it does not allow flash in their apps, but it does not restrict anymore original flash developed apps to export to iOS native app.
Others tools are now as well allowed to build iPhone apps. This has partly to do with a deal Apple and Microsoft did, that allows Microsoft to offer tools to develop for the iPhone platform.
Another reason is that the iOS is losing ground against android platform, because more and more developers are moving to the open source android.
I am pretty sure we will see Adobe to either acquire a company which allows flash developer to export their apps for iOS or to reactivate their attempt to build into flash an iOS export.
Another positive side effect of the guideline changes is the possibility that soon silverlight is coming to the iPhone.
Silverlight is the Microsoft version of flash, much more slim, stable and more flexible as flash but not as much common. Most of the browsers have already flash plugin from the beginning installed but not silverlight. This would boost silverlight and helps Microsoft to gain more ground.

The guideline changes are an important step for Apple to grow their application pool (which did not grow much the last few months). Another effect with the guideline changes is that Apple will not be so strict anymore with their approval process. However sexual critical content will still not be allowed.

I am not a big fan of flash and i don't think it is a wise idea to allow flash developed apps and then converted to iOS to run on the iPhone. With step we will see too many developers using flash instead of using the native much more better SDk and code from Apple. We might see more apps, but as well more applications with bugs.

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