Sunday, July 17, 2011

No anymore

For a few weeks users could jailbreak their iPhone or iPad over the internet without being connected to a computer. They only needed to go to and hit a button to start the process. JBM used for this a security hole at the iOS with PDFs. The the phone would download a PDF which had code to jailbreak the phone. It took only two weeks for Apple to (or a long time) to fix the problem with latest iOS update. If you installed the new update which you should, then you are not able anymore to jailbreak the phone through the internet. Jailbreakme took advantage of the security hole in a kind of positive way, however others would have been soon able to do bad things with your iPhone by sending spam emails with attached PDF.

I jail broke my iPad but I am happy Apple fixed the PDF issue.

Really interesting is that Adobe (who created PDF) is one of the biggest companies which are not able to develop secure software. PDF is not the only thing. Flash is as well from Adobe and we all know it can break your computer down (at least slow it down) and can even be easily used to hack in your computer.

I wonder how a company can get so big and not really care about security and function.

I think Apple does do good not to support flash anymore. Even if the competition to the iPad advertise all the time that their devices support flash. I tested the Playbook and Zoom and both failed with flash horrible.

Keeping flash off the device helps to build a better device. And when you watched the latest keynote in June you could see that Lion will not come with flash support. You need to install it like in good old times.

Adobe should concentrate on making better products instead of complaining about Apple.

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