Sunday, July 10, 2011

Jailbreak your iPad or iPhone in just 30 seconds

I could not believe, but there is a website where you can jailbreak your iPad or iPhone without computer.

It jailbreaks your devices and installs Cydia. After running Cydia the first time some packages get installed.

But I am not impressed. The last time I jailbroke my phone was two years ago and it was fun because many cool functions were available which are not with original iOS and all was free.
But now most of the stuff costs money. To get free tethering costs $25 and a better keyboard $3.

It is for sure the easiest way. I remember it took my in the past hours to jailbreak my phone and needed to connect it to the computer. Now you just go to and click on install. 30 seconds later the phone or iPad is jailbroken. Most of the apps are for iPhone not so many for your iPad. I installed categories which allows to have folder in the spring board. Works fine, however you need to reboot your device all the time when you install an app.

The app store in Cydia is everything but nice. Hard to find what you are looking for. But Cydia is perfect for people who like to modify their device. Best thing for Android lovers, as they are famous for spending hours to set up their phone.

Many apps are for older iOS versions which allows you to do things which was in earlier versions not possible but not included in iOS like folders.

If you are happy with your phone and don't need tethering then no need to to jailbreak. But the good news is that you can anytime restore it back by using restore in iTunes. Unfortunately your phone will not be jail broken with next OS update which is coming soon.

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