Friday, August 27, 2010

Google realtime search

Google is now offering realtime search as an experiment. Realtime results are coming from different social sites like Twitter, Buzz, Facebook, Friendfeed, MySpace, Jaiku and

The realtime search is still experimental and when your try to get there over you will get a server error

You need to use to get to this page.
I searched for tiger woods and got some good results.
Google will in the future combine realtime and normal search but will keep realtime as well as a separate search.
If you want to know if there was just right now an earthquake you might want search only in realtime, but if you want to know how an earthquake works you would search on google standard.

Google realtime search is coming few months after got released. Microsoft and google are paying a lot of money to facebook to get their FB info.
However shows much better facebook results than google, I believe the reason is that Microsoft has some shares in FB.
Overall the Twitter search in google is better, even better than on but for Facebook results is the clear winner.

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