Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Apple files new patents

www.applelypatent.com is reporting that Apple filed around 9 new patents which include a touchscreen iMac which can switch between MacOsX and iOS depending on screen position. This means OSX and iOS will coexist in one machine, the question will be if one or the other will be replaced in the future through the other. Maybe there will be not anymore OSX or iOS will be replaced through a more stable OSX/iOS version.
There are talks that the new iMac will be on market for holidays. One manufacture claimed there is already a touch iMac in production.

When I first heard about the touch iMac I thought who needs to have a 27 inch touch screen, especially when i saw the touch Dell desktop. But now looking at their patent it makes so much sense. Flip your screen and you have a perfect input device especially if you have second screen attached. The iMac itself will be keyboard, mouse etc. Designers could much faster build PSDs etc without the need of an external pad with pen. Just use your pen to draw directly on the screen. Architects can much faster design houses and don't need anymore the special whiteboard. Tons of ideas come to my mind.

iPod and iPod touch patents
The notables within the group of 9 new patents include design wins for both the original iPod and the iPod touch along with other patents covering Apple's now defunct Shake application, the technology behind multi-conic graphic gradients and most importantly, a major touch related patent that may have played a role in Apple's latest Magic Trackpad desktop device.

Apple is for sure building something new and not just one new device or tool, otherwise Steve Jobs would have not been so confident in June when he said that new amazing things will come this year.

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