Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Vonage for Facebook on mobile device

Vonage released today an app for iPhone/iPad/ipod touch and android phones to make calls to your Facebook friends. It is a free application right now.
On one side it is cool to make calls without using your provider on the other side I am scared that I now get calls from people which are in Facebook my friends but I don't care so much about them. Facebook needs to change their settings that I can choose who of my "friends" can call me. The problem in Facebook is, that you need to be a friend to somebody to follow this person. And trust me I would like to follow people without being their friend.

I downloaded the application but had problems to get it run if i am only on 3G, I get a connection error.
When restarting the app I had to go through the whole signing up process again.

After finally getting the app running it closed my iPod music. But the good thing is that the app does not need to run to get a call, however the app seems pretty defect. A lot of time the app crashes when you try to take a call. Best results are if you switch 3G off and use wifi only.

"Essentially, we've given Facebook a voice," said Marc Lefar, the CEO of Vonage Holdings Corp., which is based in Holmdel, N.J.
The app doesn't carry any advertising. Lefar said Vonage may later charge for the ability to call landlines and send text messages. Versions for BlackBerry phones and for Windows and Mac computers are coming, he said.
There have been other applications that unite Facebook with Internet calling. For instance, another voice-over-Internet company, 8x8 Inc., provides a "call me" button that Facebook users can put on their profile page. When the button is clicked in a Web browser, calls are placed to the page's owner and the clicker. If both pick up, 8x8 connects the calls to each other.
(Source: yahoo news)

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