Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Windos Hotmail again hacked

I got today an email from a good friend asking me, what the f.... I am doing. He got an email I supposedly did send from my hotmail account which I never use.

The email writes:
"Hi, it's been a bit since we talked last. I have found this news article that shows how to make up to 700 a day on the internet. ANyways, I think you should read it because i'm already making money from it. Visit this right away_"

I instantly went into my hotmail account which i never use (only for my windows live) and did see thousands of not delivered emails in the last 4 days.
I closed my account, but needed to close at the same time my windows live account.
Windows hotmail forum is getting a lot entries right now with same issues reporting from other hotmail users.

The problem seems to happen because Microsoft is trying to merge hotmail with Windows Live and it opened a security hole which hackers instantly used to send spam emails.
Here a way to solve the problem if your account hacked:

Account Compromise - Unauthorized Account Access

If you believe that someone else has signed in with your Windows Live ID, you should take the following actions to secure your account:
If you still have access to your account, then you should change your password and other information right away by accessing the following links:
· Change Your Password
· Update/Change your Secret Answer
· Update/Change your alternate e-mail

If you no longer have access to your account, you may want to read the Solution named Password Reset. These will walk you through some basic password reset items that may assist you in getting access back to your account.
If this does not succeed then you can contact Live Id support through the Windows Live Validation Page. The Windows Live Validation Page was created to ask key questions about your account (only you would be able to provide to us) when you created or updated your account. Please provide as much detail as possible on every question. The more information you provide to us, the more likely it will be that our Support Agents can validate your identity.
We will not provide you any verification to what answers you have gotten correct or what answers you provided that were incorrect. This is for your security and privacy. We appreciate your understanding in this very sensitive matter. The Windows Live Validation Page can be found at:

Here are some key items that will prevent us from assisting in resetting a password:
1. You did not provide accurate information upon creation.
2. You did not provide any information upon creation.
3. You are unable to remember any detail on your account.
4. The information on the account does not match what you have provided.
5. You did not provide enough information to validate ownership.
· Before completing the validation page, you should try to provide as much information before submitting.
· Name and email address is never enough for validation purposes.

Allow up to 24 hours for a response from our support team. We hope that this information is helpful, and please be sure to let us know of any malicious sites or links you encounter.
Finally, Many times, an account is compromised because of a malicious website that was provided in an e-mail, Instant Message, or other website that asked you to provide your username and password. If you remember the site or link where this had occurred, please let us know so that we can work to have the site removed as soon as possible.

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