Friday, August 20, 2010

Android or iPhone?

You might ask what question this might be. One is a OS the other is hardware.
This is right, but the iPhone has an OS too, therefore my question should be. Android phone or iPhone?

There are now over 23 android phones and till the end of the year even 40 but only 4 different iPhones. The Evo, the Dell Streak, the Droid 2 are all pretty cool phones, partly by spec better than every iPhone version.

The decision what phone is right one is hard, but I will try to give you some ideas to help you to to make a decision.

11:30am Fedex is delivering to an office two packages, one from Apple to person A and one from HTC to person B.

Person A:
The package in open a nice new device is in front of A, the eyes are big. He is swiping his hand over screen. The iPhone has a message that it needs to be activated. The person A does connect the phone to his computer. Damn iTunes is missing, no problem download and install. iTunes asks for person name. Set. Phone is activated. Need company email on it. No problem, an IT guy is coming over set it up using build in exchange, contacts, calendar and email settings. Done.
First call is coming in. After the call person A starts the app store application, he has to make the decision to use his existing apple account or a new one. He has none, he decides to create one, and put his credit card information in. Bang 240,000 applications to choose from. He does not install any yet, he has already a native camera app to make pictures or movies, he can already make video calls and browse the internet. Ipod is preinstalled, he could already sync his music, but unfortunately itunes is still empty. He decides to call his friend, he knows this friend has as well an iphone 4. Friend is answering and they switch with one button click to video call. How cool. The manual is just 3 pages, he understands how the iPhone works without reading anything. He can't change a lot, maybe change the background image, moves the apps around or create folders.
He decides to download an ebook reader. Easy done through the app store.
Person A is done, ready to do everything, ready to download other apps. Person a goes to the break-room to get a cup of coffee. A fellow co-worker asks how he likes the iPhone. "Great, so bright screen, so clear great camera quality and so easy to use, can't wait to find cool apps". Back the office, he has a problem to understand the VPN setting. He is calling the Apple hotline, and after 5 minutes the problem is solved.

Person B:
The package is open, a nice new device is in front of B, the eyes are big. Battery is only quarter charged, but enough to start. He is asking an IT guy how to sync the phone with Exchange. Unfortunately he has to download an 3rd party app, the IT guys explains that the pre installed app does not work with the office Exchange. No problem, but before installing this app, Person B has to install the latest android OS which works on the phone and with Exchange. Great almost done with installing the battery is drained. Person B is plugging the phone into charger. User has a lot of music on his computer but uses iTunes for the music. The phone does not sync with iTunes, he has to copy the files and redo his play lists. Not a big deal, he never liked iTunes anyway.
The phone is cool, it has already facebook and Twitter included. Person B is reading the manual to find out how he can change the look and feel, he has so many options, there will be for sure something cool.

Finally person B could decide which theme and layout, he was able to arrange the screen to his desire and got Facebook showing all the time. He wants to make a video call but needs to download an app for this. Done! Good that Android has an app store with over 60,000 apps. But be does not know who to call, because he does not know who has the same video call app installed.
Person B decides to get a coffee. In the break-room, somebody asks him how he likes his Android. "The phone is awesome, but i still need to make some configurations, you can do so many things.", "which OS version do you have?" asks the fellow co-worker. "not sure, let me look. Ah it is 2.1" is the answer. The co-worker explains him that there is a 2.3 beta out which is so much cooler than 2.1. Person B goes back to his desk and installs the latest Beta, Exchange sync is broken. Damn. He searches the Internet, finds many people with same problem but no answer and HTC can't help and google gas no hotline. He decides to do a complete reinstall again.

Android is an open source OS with great features and many versions, if you are technical savvy it is great to customize. If you never had an iPod or never used iTunes, and you are not afraid to try and error, then these are great devices with more functions an iPhone can have.

If you want to have a phone which is perfectly integrated in your existing iTunes and you used before and iPod, and you don't care if you can change the theme (for people who don't jailbreak the iPhone) then you are better with the iPhone.
It is just ready to use, easy to sync with your existing iTunes environment and extreme stable. It does not let you choose which is the best OS version, it has always the latest and if not, the upgrade is easy to install and seldom that an app will not work anymore after upgrade, as long the upgrade is a minor upgrade within same release like 4.0 to 4.1 etc.

If you want to use a phone as a business phone but you don't want a Blackberry, than the iPhone is the next best choice if you don't want to spend hours in trouble shooting and need a hotline to help.

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