Friday, August 13, 2010

iPad so easy a 2 year old can use

We bought the iPad 4 month ago. Actually it came during my sons birthday party.

Usually we play a lot with wood toys or read hard cover books, but at a certain time we were thinking to get him either a Vtech or leapfrog learning computer for toddlers. I went to Target and looked at sane of these electronic learning toys, but none of them really excited me. And there are expensive. Around $100 for a console, case and charging station. And then each game is another $25.

With 10 games we are easy at $350. Plus the leapfrog console does not grow with your child. I gave up and decided not to buy such electronic game.
My wife started last month to download for the iPad toddler learning games. They are either free or less than $4. Most of them have multiple languages and even German. Unfortunately Apple does not offer enough German games anymore since they have the localization. I don't know if it is bug or under purpose. Sometimes I find German toddler games but the download does not work, pretty weird.
Otherwise the iPad might be expensive but if I use the iPad only as a learning computer, then it is paid off after less than 20 games.

I could tell you how easy my son works with the iPad, but why writing it, if I can show it.

The iPad is the perfect home computer. I use it as newspaper and to write my blog,
My wife uses it for recipes and Internet surfing and facebooking. My son is using the iPad to learn or to watch kinder videos.
My mother in law is using the iPad to read the latest books. The iPad is so much in use that we are thinking to buy another one.

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