Thursday, August 26, 2010

September 1st announcement

Apple is holding on September 1st an another announcement and again the invitation does not tell anything. It is a picture of a guitar with the Apple logo not more or less.

 Everybody is speculating what Apple is releasing in this conference. It goes from an new iTV over finally having Beatles in the iTunes store over moving iTunes in the cloud that users can stream music like pandora.
However the strongest rumor is about an iPod with front facing camera to allow face time. I am wondering how Apple would handle this, because face time is right now utilizing for voice the normal phone line only video goes over wifi to ensure good sound quality and this is the reason you can call only phone numbers for face time. The iPod has no phone function. So how could I call an iPod or how could an iPod user can reach iPhone users?

If Apple will have face time on iPod then it will be different technology and this would mean face time would need to be changed on iPhone. I don't think they would offer face time where only iPod user to iPod user can make calls.

My favorite is the announcement of a new Apple TV, but many times we all have be wrong, therefore I wait and will be surprised what they present.

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