Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Next generation books

This year is the year of ebooks. Amazon is already selling more ebooks than hard cover books. And soon more than paper backs. Apple is big in the market as well Barnes & Noble and Sony.
Apple dis start last months to offer books which have even videos included in addition to text.
Pretty sure we will have soon the ability to rent books from Apple similar like the netflix model. Depending what an user is willing to pay as a monthly fee, the user can have on their e-reader 1 to 6 books at the same time rented (which i would prefer instead of buying, I seldom read a book twice).
But I think, the next big step is to have dynamic books. How often do we read books where the named numbers in the book are outdated or read a criminal story which plays in the present and the name of the president of the United States is wrong. With paper books we look inside the cover if the book is the latest edition. In the future when we buy an electronic book the application will ask if we want the updated version or an older edition.
Or we will read a book about facebook history and see literally the numbers going up when the author is talking how many users facebook has.
The authors will need to rethink how they write books, because nothing is set in stone anymore. Suddenly the author can interact with the user to get more hype. Maybe the user can decide in which country or city the book takes place and then the content changes the description of the city depending if the user chose Miami or New York.
I know, it would be so much harder to write books but so much more fun to read.
Or the author can ask the users to translate the book into another language. A smart DB and software will collect the data and compare hundreds of German translations for Romeo and Juliet and after 4 weeks an official German version of the book would be available. Imagine how much money a publishing house would save and pretty sure the crowd would do a better job than a translation service ever could do.

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