Wednesday, August 25, 2010

iPad sales not as good as expected?

Apple is usually very good in sharing sales information outside of their standard financial disclosures, when the sales are better or at least as expected.
The last time we heard an update on iPad sales was in June. Apple announced they sold 3 million iPads. Since then it was pretty calm around the iPad. And at the same time the amount of commercials for the iPad are raising.
Trying to order the iPad online will still have a 7 to 10 days delay, but many stores are carrying iPads again. Even stores like Best Buy have iPad on stock, which was not possible 2 months ago.
Maybe Apple is concentrating on new products too much or even a new iPad.
Or maybe they don't want to disclosure the number because amazon is not telling how many kindle they sold.

Bottom line is that it is a little suspicious that we don't hear new iPad numbers.

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