Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Starbucks mobile Card

Starbucks has a new iPhone mobile app which allows the user to pay with their phone instead of using a credit card or a physical Starbucks card.
I went this morning to Starbucks and tested it. I can say it is awesome.
First of all when you start your app you can see how much money is left on your card.
Which is very helpful because i never know how much is left.
You order your product at Starbucks, then you start your app. When the employee is ready to take payment you click on "Touch to Pay". A new screen opens with a barcode.

You hold the barcode under the scanner and it is done. You paid and you know instantly how much money is left. If you need more money you can transfer from your credit card within this app money to your Starbucks card.
Finally which helps me to keep less cards in my pocket. If just all credit cards would work like this, i would not need anymore a big wallet.

Imagine you see a cool product online and you want to buy it right now, but you don't want to put your credit card information to this vendor. Would it not cool the checkout would have a qr code which you could scan and automatically the credit card app would recognize who the seller is, how much the invoice and then send the money to them with the order through your phone. How more secure can it be? Maybe you need to put a credit card verification pin during order in your phone to ensure if somebody did steel your phone cant purchase anything because they don't know your pin.

I hope i see more apps like Starbucks to keep my wallet small.

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