Sunday, January 30, 2011

Google instant preview on the iPhone

Google has begun rolling out instant preview for iPhone and iPod touch..

The desktop version was rolled out late last year, 'Instant Previews' for iOS devices utilizes a Safari tab-like page built completely using HTML to show users a snapshot of what the website looks like before they load it.
The desktop version has an advantage because the user can instantly compare images of the results.

The mobile edition -- which appears to be rolling out slowly and is not currently available for everyone -- is activated by selecting a small magnifying glass to the right of search results.

Given the difference in screen size between desktops and iOS devices, Google has created a new interface for the tool, with users shown a Safari tab-like page which allows for scrolling sideways between the results, and when selected allow you to visit the page.

The instant preview search is not yet available for the iPad but will be more likely like the desktop version because of the bigger screen.

The results page also includes the title and description of each site alongside the URL when you flick through, and dots at the top of the page showing your progression through the query results.

Google might have missed the social train, but is now pushing a lot into mobile, which obviously Facebook missed.

The latest mobile changed at google:
Google instant
Google docs which is now editable with the iPad.
Noes google goggles update.

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