Sunday, January 2, 2011

Skype video call on iPhone good but not great

Since last week we are able to make video calls with Skype on the iPhone over 3G or wifi.
I first tested it with 3G only, but my ATT reception was not great. As a result the call did work but the image did update only every 2 seconds.

Skype was so nice to inform that the quality might be bad. Then i made a call over wifi and it worked.

Similar like FaceTime, you are able to switch the cameras from front to back. The image will as well rotate when you rotate your phone. However the quality of sound and image is only half as good as doing video calls with FaceTime. The good part is you can easily call friends which have no iPhone but a Skype account.
The only really impressive part was that Skype automatically switched to 3G when i was on wifi and left my house to show my sister our street and the wifi signal went bad.

After all it could be a great tool, if Skype could make the quality on the iPhone as good as on computers. I am not sure why the quality is not as good, maybe Skype needs better computing power. For some reason Skype went a couple of time black, almost like screen saver. I had to touch the screen to get the image back.

I would like to see that Apple is buying Skype and implement their FaceTime technology. So far i did not find any video application as good as FaceTime. Apple could have instantly 120 million users.

If your friends don't have iPhone and you like to do video calls, then Skype is the best alternative. I use Skype all the time to talk with my family and friends overseas. Finally i can walk around and show them my house and son. Prior i had to carry my notebook, which was a pain. I love the ability to switch between the cameras. Interesting is that front camera resolution with Skype is lower than with FaceTime.
Skype is using the full screen like FaceTime. I tried a couple of times Fring but was disappointed about the quality and that Fring does not give the full screen option.

Skype is better than Fring but not as good as FaceTime. However it opens the ability to make with your iPhone video calls others than iPhone, ipod touch or Apple computers. I would give Skype 3.2 out of 5 points.

On the iPad you can receive video calls but of course not yet sending video. This will change with the iPad 2 in April.

Skype video call is not yet available for Androids. Skype is saying it is too complicated to get Skype video running on all different android OS and phone versions.

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