Sunday, January 9, 2011

eBay Fashion has now augmented reality

eBay is now offering augmented reality, with the latest iphone update on Friday.
Consumers are now able to test a few sunglasses before they buy them.
First you have to take a picture of your face with your front camera on the iPhone. After this you have to move and zoom the glasses placer till this fits well on your eyes. It is important that you have good lights and that your eyes clearly seen in the middle of the image.
After this you can choose from a handful different types of glasses like the RayBan aviator.
The front camera will start and display the glasses on your face. You can even turn your face left, right, up and down and the glasses will move with your face.

You can hit the shop button if you like the glasses. Hitting the shop button will show you all ongoing auctions for your selected glasses.

The idea is great but still a little experimental. The glasses are rendered in a bad quality, the frame does not look real, but you can choose for each type different frame color or glass color. The glasses don't follow perfectly your head move, but the better the light the better the app works.
It took a while till i had a good scan of my face to see the glasses almost fitting perfect. Unfortunately there are only few types to choose from and one joke glass type which is as well available at eBay to buy.
Really good is how the glasses are partly transparent. It feels almost like real. It is still a big step to market but does show us the direction it is going. I can't wait till i can put clothes via AR on before I buy them.
AR and eBay are showing how we can get online a step closer to brick and mortar. I buy a lot of things online, but almost never clothes, only if I tried them before in a store. Soon I can try them online on.
I can't wait till the iPad with camera is out. The screen is perfect size for things like this.

Well done eBay.

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  1. Oh that's totally cool. Strange that they haven't gotten the glasses rendering part well, it is for sure far easier than tracking head movements properly.