Monday, January 3, 2011

iPhone did let me oversleep

I did read on Saturday that there is a problem with the year 2011 and the iPhone alarm clock (see below).  I did not care so much about it becasue i did not need to get up early on Saturday or Sunday.

But different than everybody was writing it did affect as well Monday morning (1/3/2011). I missed my work out and came into a lot of traffic because i woke up too late. My clock did not get off, even it was said it will not happen on Monday. How can something simple like an alarm (i did write in the 80es programs for alarm clocks, and they worked) can go wrong and this twice. First when the daytime shift happens, which i could understand but then in a new year with the alarm not going off at all.  Apple even did know about this but was not able to send a fix early enough? Come on don't you think many people are using their phones for alarms? 10 minus points for Apple.

CUPERTINO, Calif. – Many iPhone customers had some explaining to do after they overslept to start the new year, due to a glitch in the gadget's alarm clock feature.

Users who set their iPhone alarm for a single wake-up rather than recurring use found the alarm didn't go off with the year's arrival, Apple Inc. spokeswoman Natalie Harrison said Sunday.
A fix is in the works, and all iPhone alarms will work properly starting Monday, she said.
The glitch affects iPhones using Apple's latest iOS 4.0 operating system, including earlier versions of the smart phone whose users have downloaded the latest software.
It wasn't immediately clear what caused the alarm problem, or how many iPhone users were affected. Online postings on blogs and social media sites described people being late for work, church services and other appointments on Saturday and Sunday because of the problem.
The problem is the second in two months involving iPhone's alarm clock. The company said in early November that the end of daylight savings time could cause problems for iPhone users. In that instance, Apple said that repeating alarms set on iPhones and some versions of the iPod touch might not recognize the Nov. 7 end of daylight savings time, and might work incorrectly shortly before or after the time change.

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