Wednesday, June 9, 2010

You can try iOS4 right now

A lot of blogs are now claiming that you can try it out now before it is official out. But be aware you need to have a MC and would need to jailbreak your phone, which of course I would not recommend, see some links below if you want to play first mover. BTW most of the announcements are based on a user which codename is Surenix, he did develop some jailbreak methods since 3 years.
But if you've got an iPhone and a Mac all you have to do is download the beta version of iTunes 9.2 and install it on your system just like you would any other application. Then you have to download the iOS 4 gold master build. Once that's done, you just plug your iPhone into iTunes and select it under 'Devices.' From there, select the restore option and press alt+click, select the iOS 4 ipsw file and iTunes takes care of the rest. Make sure you back up the files on your iPhone before you start this process, because installing iOS 4 this way will wipe out everything on your iPhone and then reinstall it.

I tried it with my iphone 3G last night but had not much luck, I will try it again tonight to see if I can get it to run. The entire process of installing iOS 4 on your device can take about 30 minutes depending on how much content has to be reinstalled on your iPhone., they say.
But it took me 3 hours, 8 cigarettes and a not so happy wife before I gave up.

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