Monday, June 28, 2010

Europe reduces mobile roaming costs

As a German who lives in America and travels a lot, it is nice to hear that Europe is reducing the roaming costs for minutes and data. The data usage will be closed when 50 Euro is reached to avoid very high data roaming coast, like a German had when he was in France and downloaded a video. The bill was over 46,000.00 Euro.

The new minute price for roaming is 39 Cents for outbound and max. 15 Cents for inbound.
The new law is starting on July 1st and is valid for 2 years but might be extended for some more years.
However it does not help people like me, who are travelling from the US to Europe a lot. I still have to pay 99 Cents for a minute and $0.0195 per kilobyte internet. An average page has right now 800KB this is already $15 a page. SMS is $0.50 in the States but in Europe for roaming only 11 cents.
We all talk about being global but American Carriers don’t care so much and take a lot of money from the customer when they travel. I assume it is not necessary to travel, or only millionaires are travelling.

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