Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The new iphone is coming

Thanks to gizmodo, we already knew or at least guessed how the new iphone looks and what it can do. But of course there was more to expect and I took my time to follow Steve’s  keynote (at least partly).

A really funny think was of course that Steve needed help, because the Wifi sucked at the conference. Never try to show something over Wifi if the whole audience can access the same wifi. After putting all phones and notebooks down, it worked well. It is the second time that I saw such unnecessary issue at an apple announcement. Remember when Steve showed the ipad and the New York Times website? Half of the page was filled with blue bricks because of missing flash plug in?

He did better in the past, or at least had his people better under control that such things won’t happen (like the “lost” iphone). But I guess Apple tries to go mainstream and loses focus on the details.

Here are my 3 top new features.


It is not new, video chat is available in Europe since UMTS as well phones with two cameras (I remember a friend of mine brought one in 2006 to the states. But I am sure apple optimized video chat. Unfortunately Facetime is only over Wifi and iphone 4S to iphone 4S but of course a smart marketing move. As you can see in apples commercial it is focused on family and makes totally sense for me, and taking the deaf people in account is a great idea.

HD Video

I think 5 MB pixel camera is good enough for still pictures. If you want to have more than you need better lenses anyway and should have maybe a SLR. But the really good part is HD video. How often do we look at our kids doing something funny or see UFOs in the sky and don’t have our video camera with us. We run in the other room to get the camera and we are back the situation is over. Having HD in the pocket all the time is just awesome.

Voice Control

Finally. I am so annoyed that somebody is calling me when I am listening to music, need to get my phone out of my pocket and till I have taken the call, I either hang up or did something else funny. Voice Control will save my life and I can see many cool apps using voice control embedded in the phone instead over internet and server (like Siri-  BTW I love Siri)

A great phone, I might not like the new form, it is almost too much looking like if Microsoft would develop a phone.
But the best move ever is the announcement that apple will include in their own app advertising. With this Apple makes sure everybody can justify having ads in their apps even if they are not free, and this means a lot new advertising potential.

What Steve did not Say
There was no mention about Apple computers or MacOS X updates, this tells me that Apple really want to focus on mobile. Apple did not make it to the market leader for Apple hardware, but is close to be the leader in mobile. Already now we have almost 100 Million mobile apple products and counting (if we count ipod touch into it). Google is no competitor yet, yes there are more android phones sold than iphones in Q1, but there are over 80 devices using Android but only 2 iPhones. If we compare Googles phone with the iPhone then we know who the winner is.
There was no mention of facebook or twitter included in the iOS. This is sad; I was hoping it will be. Yes with multi tasking it is not necessary but I don’t like the multi tasking idea, this will bring the iphone to crash through memory overflow if it is not done perfectly, but how can Apple control 200.000 apps in these terms.

I would have preferred twitter and facebook as a part of standard like other phones are offering. We should not forget that facebook has 400 million users and 5% of them are using iphone.

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  1. This was the most anticipated release of new iphone model. It's been around that it's got better features and can accommodate much more applications.