Thursday, June 24, 2010

Don't upgrade iphone 3G or 3GS if you don't need to

Great to have the iOS4 but don't do it with your 3G phone. My upgrading took 6 hours and now the phone is pretty slow and the battery is draining with a few hours.
When you charge the phone it shows charging but it does not change the icon to full. You have to reboot the phone.
Any application like SMS etc you try to open takes now over 30 seconds. Some 3rd party applications are crashing 3 or 4 times before they are running.

With the 3GS the 3G function is not working when you do an update. You have to make a clean install. Apple promised to come soon with a patch out.

Overall the iOS4 is clearly designed for the new 4S phone and is not a good idea to use on older iPhones. Maybe Apple did this to get more users to switch to the new iPhone.

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