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Internet technology summit 2010 day 2

Mike Volpe - inbound marketing at HubSpot
Tools to grow your business
companies are sending messages through all channels to consumers
consumer is controlling when and how the message comes to them

Control is sooooooo 20th century

How to build a 21st century company
1. New Employees = entrepreneurs
DARC : Digital, Analytical, Reach, Content
2. Wikify all knowledge
3. All should be able to contribute to blogs not only few people.
4. Collect as much data as possible
5. Set targets for all key metrics
6. Publicity target reports daily
7. Measure often. Evolve faster

1. Communication should be about your customer and not your company
2. Talk about what your target like to hear and not what you like to tell
3. Make it self service for your customers
4. Listen and Responding
5. Grow brand by cultivation not control

What are the key tools?
Email, calendar, blog, forum, CRM, social, virtual meeting software, documents, file sharing

Stop trying to control start empowering your employees

Tony Greco - CEO
Cloud Computing
Unfortunately he is not talking about cloud. All is about software as SaaS model, which not the only meaning of cloud.

Jennifer Bakunas
Sharepoint as cloud
Save. Innovate. Grow. [SIG]
SP 17k customers and over 100M Licenses
Fastest growing product of Microsoft
SP 2010 offers unified communication and collaboration Convergence
Integrated user experience for multiple devices and tools
SP 2007 is installed on company servers. 2010 can be totally in the cloud.
Benefits of leverage the cloud:
Scale on demand. Adopt rapid provisioning. Offer the power of choice. Simplify systems.
Enhance Collaborating and find new ways to work. All this will work with Cloud Computing

Phil Chambers -HP
Client Virtualization
To be in the client pc cloud it is important to know the charges. Not all users should pay the same. Pay by usage.
Know your business and make your proof of concept otherwise cloud will fail.
Clients in the cloud will have not a lifetime of only 4 years.
But it is not cheaper to renew cloud license than buying new PC. The saving is in the back for storage and 24/7 availability etc.
why virtualize?
Take control by centralizing. Increase security and control. Replacement of PC much faster. Lower support cost. Ensure business continuity. Increases IT & business agility.

Guy Hagen - innovation insight
The business site of social media
Listen for
.. Your reputation
.. Feedback
.. What your competitors are up to
.. Trends and opportunities
.. Danger

Some tools:
- google alerts
- socialmention alerts - top keywords, top hashtags top users
- blogpulse trend search
- yahoo pipes + alerts (feeds on steroids)
- facebook ads - not as hard as you'd think. Pretend you create an ad and define all your geo data. Facebook gives you the target number of people back without finalizing the ad order process.
- sm2 freemium very good analytics for free.

Bernie Borges
Risk of Social Media Marketing and what you can do about
If you are not carefully you are doomed. Watch and listen
- No strategy
- wrong strategy
- lack of Executive Support
- wrong staff
- not measuring progress
- measuring the wrong stuff
- not using available tools ( good tools: hubspot, raven)
- unwilling to Experiment
- expecting overnight results
- trying to stay in control (example: Asus: community chose best blogger but Asus chose different and bloggers did not like.
- employee abuse example domino pizza
- being slow to respond
- shorting the effort
- underestimating one person - one person can have a lot of power

Charles Armstrong - Spark Labs
How to move from idea to a market-ready product
- conceive
- research
- engineer
- adapt and exploit
- develop
- protect
- design
- promote
- launch
good example of this approach: tourwrist for iPhone

Greg Wilson - Adobe Evangelist
HTML 5, flash, air and mobile
Flash was build to complement HTML and not to compete with
In his opinion in 2014 HTML 5 and flash will replace normal HTML. Google has a really good html 5 demo page.
Adobe is actually supporting strongly html5
Dreamweaver already supports html5
65% of installed browsers don't support HTML 5
97% of installed browsers have flash 10 installed
Approximate 3 million flash developers are world wide.
It is not just Bout browsers and web content it is about apps and flash is the best alternative to produce fast and good. - good place to see how website looks on different simulated OS and web browsers.

Sean Carey - HD interactive
Mobile development the 3A - Adobe, Apple, Android
He loves iphones and iPads but....only as consumer
As developer he loves android and adobe.
TwinStriker for iphone and Android made with Corona SDK. It seems Corona is the one SDK to build for apple and android.
But then since April announcement from Apple you can not use anymore other SDK than apple SDK
Farmville, hulu and CNN do not run on iPad, only if you have their app but not through web browser on iPad.
When you port a website flash game to mobil it will work on flash mobile devices but you have to optimize it to get best experience.
Motorola is announcing today a new smart phone with swipe keyboard.

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