Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Finally i could order the iphone

What a nightmare. I stayed almost the whole night awake to get the iPhone (how stupid). ATT still does not allow to order through their website but i was able to do so through Apple website. But we have a contract for two iPhones, and i had to place two orders, it did not allow me to have one order with both, which is weird. I did put the first one into the basket, chose the second one with different cell phone number. All worked fine till i checked out, i had to delete one, finish the process and restart. I think they should update their order process, it was clear i did not want to order two for same number.

Now interesting is that we have a family contract. The phone for the main number was $199 but the second one $399 (like if you do not qualify for "free" upgrade). Which i did not understand because both lines are opened at the same day. However i was willing to pay the extra fee and hope to make the money back by selling my 3G phone (hint).

Apple got so many orders (even with all problems yesterday) that I have now to wait till my birthday to get the phone delivered, which is over two weeks later than first shipping day. I am pretty sure my co-workers will make fun, because they are used that i am among the first to show new gadgets.

I really liked that i could keep the unlimited plan even with the two year contract reniew.

But i could nor order a white iPhone, Apple is already sold out in white phones. It is really a wonderful thing. Apple changed the color of desktops and notebooks. They used to be grey or black, but Apple made them white and silver. Consumer seem to like it. Now since the 3GS we can buy white phones not only balck. The new black is white and we like it. Apple knows how to make everyday items beautiful.

Apple can build such hype that everybody wants to have their products. 12 years back, nobody cared about Apple, now a lot people are thinking Apple is cool. The underdog, the special is going to be mainstream. Maybe it is time for me to choose Microsoft; they might be soon the underdog. And i like to buy underdogs.

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