Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Evo versus iPhone 4

A lot of people are asking me which phone they should buy, the iPhone or the new Evo. I think it is a hard call because it depends a lot what provider they prefer or already have. But I will try to give some tips.

Internet Speed:
Evo is available at Sprint, which is has 4G which is claiming to be faster than 3G and this is partly true, however 4 G is not wide available than 3G . Evo can use 3G but Sprint 3G is slower than AT&T.
Winner: Evo

Both phones have two cameras. One in the back and a front camera. The rear camera lense at the evo is biger than the iphone camera lense and has a higher resolution. However apple is using a better technology. In perfect light condition the evo is far better, but when the lights are not good the iphone wins.
Winner: Evo

The Evo is using a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ QSD8650 (1GHz) processor and the iPhone has a A4 high speed 1GHz processor with an integrated graphics processing unit (GPU).
Winner: -

Apple iPhone has a very high resolution 960-by-640-pixel resolution at 326 ppi, the Evo comes with 800-by-480 pixel with 200ppi, however the screen is much bigger than at the iphone. The iphone has 3.5 and evo has 4.3 inch. And this is Apple trick. Have a smaller display but more points. The screen is so much better. If the iphone would have a 4.3inch screen with same resolution the PPI would be much lower but still better than the Evo.
Winner: iPhone

The iphone comes with either 16GB or 32GB, the evo has 1GB ROM and a 8GB micro SD card (extends up to 32GB). Hence Apple has the memory on board the speed is much better, but with Evo you can have multiple SD cards to change to keep all your apps stored.
Winner: Evo

Both are taping HD video, but Apple has iMovie which is pretty cool for video editing. Sure there will be apps which can more in the future to download. Evo is using for video chat Qik. Apple is using Face Time, both claim to be open standard but both don’t work with each other. Cool feature from apple is that you can switch the cameras for video chat. But Video output is only 576i/480i (PAL/NTSC) the Evo is 720p which is basically same as 480i. P (progressive: the whole picture does get refreshed 29.97 frames a second) and I (interlaced: every other line gets refreshed but the frame rate is 59.94
Winner: iPhone

OS and apps:
Evo has the latest Android 2.1 and the iPhone has iOS4. There are right now 225,000 iOS apps available for Android just 30,000. But the biggest difference is that apple apps are controlled, which means you won’t get all you would like but because of the control Apple can assure that there will be less phone crashes than with Android where nobody controls the apps. Open source development is great that we can get what we want but keep the chance for bad quality of applications open.
Google did a lot of improvements with Android but still the usability is less intuitive than with iOS4 and the multi touch part needs some improvements.
Winner: iPhone

The iphone seems to have a bigger battery and therefore a longer lifetime, but of course it depends as well on the OS iteslef. And I could not find any good data to support my assumption. Evo talks about 1,500mAh and Apple about talking and internet time.

The Droid sports a “multitouch keyboard” and Swype software that really excited Engadget’s tester. The iphone is still not easy to type.
Winner: Evo

The Evo comes with more gadgets like a stand to watch TV and better twitter and facebook integration, plus flash in browser which nobody needs.
The iphone has some good out of the box software like ibooks.
Winner: Evo

Both phone allow multitasking, but Sprint cannot yet offer data and voice at the same time, but Apple and ATT can.
Winner: AT&T

Overall I have to say the facts are for Evo, however i would prefer the iphone because i have my whole infrastructure in Apple (ipad, iphone, macbook pro, apple TV, imac and itunes) and the phone just works better with this than an android.

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