Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Conde Nast brings New Yorker to iPad

Conde Nast confirms it will produce an iPad-friendly version The New Yorker magazine using Adobe's Digital Magazine Solution technology. This technology helps publishers create interactive experiences for their readers using a blend of applications, technologies, and services provided by Adobe.
On the heels of what is considered a successful launch of the Wired Magazine App, Conde Nast's CEO, Chuck Townsend, notes that though the Wired app surpassed the print magazine's newsstand sales it, "has not cannibalized them either." This comes as a big win for Adobe, who continues to be embattled with Apple over the use of Flash on Apple devices such as like iPad and iPhone.
Adobe's continued work with Conde Nast, assuming its products continue to be well received, could give Adobe the support it needs to pressure Apple into allowing Flash technology in iOS devices.
According to Adobe's Digital Publishing blog:
"As Tom Wallace, editorial director at Conde Nast previously stated, 'Wired's visionary execution of Adobe technology expands the potential of this new medium for all Conde Nast magazines. Our work with Adobe is just beginning. We expect to use this technology to deliver more of our publications over the coming months.' "

Conde Nast's Wired app paves the way for Adobe to bring its Digital Magazine Solution to iPad.
(Credit: Wired)
Conde Nast publishes many popular magazines--such as Vogue, W, GQ, Vanity Fair, Glamour, Parade, and many others--that could find their way to iOS using Adobe's Digital Magazine Solution.

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