Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Google is trying to stay in China

Google does not like evil as we know and decided last year to stop their business in China after a hack attack which Google believes was controlled by the Chinese government but the government did deny any relationship to the hackers. Since this time google does not offer anymore service in China as a search engine. Of course official reason was that google does not want to be censored and does want to offer all people a censored free Internet. How nice of google.
Instead google did redirect its google.cn to google Hongkong. Of course the chinese government does not like this approach neither. Coming Wednesday google has to extend the contract as a search provider, but this contract will not be extended as long Google has the redirect.
Since today users have to click on a link on the google.cn search page to get search results from Hongkong instead of redirecting.
As much Google does not like evil, google seems not to want to lose the biggest population in the world. Again money goes over evil.
Let us follow what google is doing in China, which is one of the few countries where google is not search engine number one and has only a market-share of 30% , but 30% of 1 Billion is more than 80% of 200,000.
Even if google is always saying it will leave the Chinese market if the censoring does not stop, I would not imagine that they would totally leave China. But if google market-share goes under 20% in China I would see them concentrating on other countries. And then I guess the official statement would be that google does not like to be censored.

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