Friday, December 31, 2010

Google Flops 2010

It is time to reflect a little the year 2010. We had great new products and some flops. Big winners in 2010 were Apple, Facebook, Bing and Groupon. Google once the shooting star, the wunderkind did suck pretty bad this year. They lost a lot of traffic to Facebook and had some major flops with their new products.

This my small list of google flops.

1. Google TV
Google made such a big hype out of their Google TV. But at the end it could not do more than others but was much more expensive. Google TV got in average 19% one star ratings. Now they are pulling the plug On Google TV. No company will show Google TV at CES, this is pretty disappointing.

2. Google Chrome OS
A great idea just a few years to late. Google did dance on too many weddings and did build up too much competition to their chrome OS with Android. Chrome got delayed many times and still not yet out in the consumer market.

3. Google Wave
Once announced as the best most innovative platform to build new types of projects. After less than 2 years, Google stopped Wave. Gave the code free but does not develop on it anymore.

Still clear number 1 search engine, but lost some ground to Google is not able to work with Facebook together, if you need to search for people, bing is the better alternative.

5. Google Buzz
Announced in February as the new social tool, since then the only buzz they got was trouble. Who is even using google buzz?

Happy New Year and hopefully Google will have a better 2011.

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