Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Top 10 Products in 2010

The year is almost over and many new things came to market. Here is my top ten list. I chose only things i actually used or own.

  1. iPad (starting at $499)
    The iPad is amazing, Apple did create a new niche of products and the sales are big. Everybody thought we don't need it but at the end we bought it. My mother in law is over 70 and i gave her a kindle, she did not like it, because screen too small and no Internet surfing, games or email Then we got her the iPad, she loves it, she understands how to use it and she can finally play some cool kid games with my son (2.5 years old).
  2. Microsoft Kinect (starting $189)
    The kinect is a must have for the xBox360. It is so much fun to play with and not need to have a controller in the hand. It even recognize you automatically when you walk in front of the camera. The kinect is just the beginning, pretty sure soon we seen computers and TVs with similar technology.
  3. AR Drone ($299 from parrot.com)
    The coolest must have remote controlled helicopter. The remote is either your iphone or iPad. The AR Drone has two cameras that you can see were you are flying. If you are more than two with an AR Drone, you can play battles and shoot virtual missiles (extra software $2.99). The best augmented reality toy so far.
  4. Windows Mobile 7
    Windows did wait long, but this time they did it right. The took time to invent their own OS totally different looking than iPhone or Androids. The phones are working great (browser however sucks). A lot of things like bing look better on phone than the website. Google's Android looks like a cheap copy of iOS no real own invention, and much more buggy than Windows mobile 7.
  5. Nook Color ($249)
    The original Nook looked nice but the OS was not really stable and the screen OK, The Kindle from Amazon much better. However Barnes and Noble stepped up and the new Nook Color is not only great for color books or websites, the touchscreen is so needed. I still don't know why the kindle has no touchscreen. eInk is nice, but takes for ever to switch a page. B&N understood and decided to bring a color Nook which is not eInk, but who really needs eInk. For me eInk in readers is old school from early 2000.
  6. TikTok and LunaTik (starting $34.95)
    TikTok and Luna Tik did not only raise $1 Million at kickstarter but are as well very cool wristbands for your latest ipod nano. These bands make your iPod nano to a stylish watch (http://lunatik.com/)
  7. Apple TV 2 ($99)
    The new Apple TV is easy to set up, cheap to get and does not need a full blown keyboard like Google TV. Has much less features than the Google TV but it works. Google TV is very buggy not good executed, horrible UI. Apple did it just better and much cheaper. Google TVs are priced around $300 either as an add on or build into the TVs. $300 is too much for a device which needs a remote as big as your notebook keyboard.
  8. Facetime (free)
    Ok facetime is not really a product like the others, it comes with iphone but it is the best video calling software i used so far. Much better image quality than skype or fring for Android. Again, Apple seems to bring only products out if they are fully tested (most of the time).
  9. Logitech Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote
    I still have many devices i can't remote with my iPhone. Therefore i got the Logitech Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote and it is easy to set up and works just fine with my Bose system, LCD TV and and even i control my Apple TV with IT. I went from 4 remotes down to one. This is great.
  10. Instant Paper
    How many times do we see articles and have no time to read them? Instant paper is a Mobile app, is available for various platforms. By just typing the words you will have the service facility from this device. Them to your mobile device, As its Instapaper’s browser plug-in, you will easily find your favorite article then press ‘Read Later’ so that you can do another work on it.
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