Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas for a nerd

Christmas is over and my wife gave me some cool presents.
First i got a cool sweater with build in headset for my iPhone. The earplugs are better than the original iPhone earplugs. They really keep staying in the ear. However the sound is not the best. This sweater is available at Old Navy and just cool. A must have for winter.

Then i got a scrabble flash game which is 5 bricks, putting them together will show 5 random letters. The countdown starts and you have one minute to build as many words as possible. At the end you see your score and how many words have been possible. This is a great fun. We played for hours. You can play alone or with as many friends as you wish.

The next item under tree was a beautiful chronograph from Vestal (ZR3). The watch, is, black, black and black. A watch for minimalists, no numbers, not color, no nothing but awesome.

Last but not least, i got an iPad stand with speaker from her. She bought idesign portable speaker from brookstone.

The speaker looks great, however it did not charge my iPad as advertised, but it made my iPad to reboot every 10 minutes. We went to brookstone and exchanged it with another speaker system from iDesign (iDesign is a company from brookstone).
The other speaker system with stand is a little more expensive but a good investment. The iPad get charged and no reboots. The only bad part is that you have to use the speaker volume buttons when the iPad is docked in. The iPad volume buttons will not work. You can turn the iPad in the stand 90 degrees to get to landscape mode. You can even move the stand in a different angle to make writing easier. A very good accessory, but like all iPad stands, you have to take your iPad out of the cover (I have the original Apple cover which is slim design but pain in the ass to get the iPad out).

I could not imagine a much better Christmas.

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