Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Only a few months to go for new iPad

I think there is no doubt that a new iPad is coming. The question is what will be different and should we wait to buy one till the new iPad is out.

Most likely changes:
Front facing camera to allow FaceTime
Faster processor
More memory up to 128 or 256GB
slimmer and lighter
Retina display

Possible changes:
Front and rear facing cameras
Able to use other carriers Thant ATT for 3G
4G support

Unlikely changes:
USB port. Apple wants that all accessory works perfect with iPad I can't see they would allow an USB port, users would try too often to attach not approved accessories.

If you don't have an ipad yet, then wait till February announcement or till April when it is coming out. The first generation model will be cheaper or if you need all this new features then go with generation 2. Either way it makes sense to wait.

Easy to say for me, because I have already an iPad. And so far i did not find any useful alternative. None of the existing tablets can keep up with the iPad.

Maybe google chrome tablets but they don't come before February neither.

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