Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Double screwed - Apple is discriminating my son, me and many others.

Today I decided To read some German websites. I went with my iPad to, to get some fast and easy news in a simple way.
Bild is a daily newspaper with a lot of photos. Some of them do show naked or half naked women. As we know sex sells. But otherwise the is a good paper to get some news about Germany when you don't live in Germany. For more detailed and professional news other papers like is of course better.

Anyway I had no luck. First decided not to offer a website for the iPad anymore. Instead i need to download the app and pay for $14 a month. The first week is just $1.

Sure I don't want to pay $14 a month, but $1 for the first week to test is fine.
Now here comes the double screw. Apple does not let me download the app from America, because it is a German app and has sexual content.

I am a big Apple fan, but I HATE that Apple tells me what I can do or not.
Only I live America does not mean i don't want to see, listen or read international.

I am German but live in America, i like Music you don't get here but my friends get them in iTunes Germany. My son needs to learn German but he can't use the iPad for this, because you don't let me download all possible German apps or books. You are discriminating my son, me and all foreigners who are living in the US. We moved here because we believed that the world is global, but it seems not to be true for Apple.


----------------- belongs to Axel Springer AG, which is one of the biggest European newspaper and magazine publisher. like some other German magazines went the way a big American publisher recommended. Don't offer anymore free Internet content if your business is publishing.
I think this stinks. I loved the internet because i could save so much money. I don't believe with this high price, that will get enough users to pay for. And the really bad part is, you can't just buy one day, like you do at the gas station, you need to buy a whole month. WTF.

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